day by day

A girly afternoon

It’s been a looooooong day of work so I decided to get a “take care of yourself” afternoon… Paint my nails, do some hair and skincare… What a pleasure!! And I realised how many products do we girls use!! 😛



The product I’m enjoying the most lately is the sephora vanilla creme brulee body butter. It’s smells soooo good! When I put it on I feel like a giant cupcake!! And everybody says I smell delicious ^^


I love to take one day of the week to these kind of things, it makes you feel so relaxed when you take your time and spend it on yourself.

And to go to bed with thar relaxed feeling some warm soup for dinner and a book!

What are you guys reading right now?

I’m totally inmersed with this book, “the hender’s island”. It’s a science fiction story about an island with special beings that evolutioned different than the rest of the world. I’m enjoying it so much!

Bienvenido al Ășltimo rincĂłn salvaje de la Tierra o_O!!

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I hope everybody had a good tuesday! Good night!!



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