Dealing with acne: and how micellar water is saving me!

I thought it could be useful for somebody to know how I’m winning my battle with acne.

First I have to say that I’m 30 years old so break out terrifies me even more than before because that’s not normal… But I have oily skin so it can be possible also at my age.

Some months ago I had the worst break out in many years. I went to the dermatologist and encouraged me not to use make up every single day. But that’s really difficult for me to accomplish because I love make up and I’m so fair that if I don’t make up I see myself as ill! 😦 the dermatologist told me to use a soft cleansing foam from the pharmacy. It helped a little bit but because I was still wearing make up it doesn’t meant a big improvement fir my skin.

Then, one happy day, a small bottle of bioderma micellar water came with my glossybox and I started using it. The improvement was awesome in a week! When I runned out of it I went to the pharmacy and asked for micellar water. They didn’t had the bioderma one but recommended me the sensibilis micellar water.

At first I didn’t liked it as much as the Bioderma’s because my skin wasn’t as soften but in one more week of use I discovered I love it even more!

The acne dissapeared and, although I have many scars that habe to heal, I can correct them with my make up! I’ve been using micellar water for three weeks now, so I hope I can get rid of the remaining “proofs” in some weeks more 😀

Here are some photos of my skin a week ago and the two micellar waters I used.

Every skin is a world so it can work different for other oily skins, I don’t know. But in my opinion are the best products I’ve ever used for acne ( and believe me when I say I’ve used lots of them!)




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