day by day

30 year birthday!

I can’t believe I turned 30! My birthday was last 29th of November, so it’s been a week since then… and I still can’t believe it! haha! Time goes by soooo fast! But as everyone says, time goest by fast when you’re having fun, and this week I’ve had so much fun that I forgot to blog.

To start, last thursday y boyfriend surprised me width the complete collection of “desperate housewives” yaaaay!! I love that show! and part of the present is that he is watching it with me 😀

On friday I went with a friend to see this year’s Home decor expo in Barcelona. We both love decoration so we thought it’ll be fun and we don’t went wrong. The expo was really amazing and we got so many ideas! We really fell in love with this atelier. It’s the cutest atelier I’ve ever seen!



Also my friend surprised me width this AMAZING Chanel shadow quad and a cute chanel nº5 necklace! I didn’t expect anything like this, it’s my first chanel make up item and I can’t express in words how thankful I am to her. It’s way too much! I love you Ana!




On saturday I had a dinner with some more friends at home and afterwards we went to party a little bit! ;P I love the soo much. I am so happy to have the in my life and turning 30 with them at my side. I met them 10 years ago and are still with me. I feel so blessed. They know me so well that found the perfect gift  for me. I’ve never thought they could think of this! I don’t know how is in english but in catalan we call it “tocadisc”. It’s sooo pretty! with that retro look. I love it!


And on sunday the celebration was with my beauty family! I always have much fun with them! Although I missed my older sister Veronica who is in Argentina for holidays right now. As you can see was a pretty busy weekend! So I think next weekend I’m gonna take it easy. Today starts an artesan fair in my town and I’ll bea going on saturday because I have to work and I can’t attend it earlier 😦 I’ll make some pics of the fair and post them so you can see how beautiful it is: it’s full of artesan food, jewellry, soaps, christmas things…

I hope you had a great week too!



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